The 10 BEST Fat-Loss Tips (That Work!)

1) Liquid Calories


Liquid calories are THE SNEAKIEST calories that we consume daily.... and the worst part is they don't even make you full!  Sodas, Juices, Energy Drinks, Coffee... all often have nearly 5 DAYS worth of sugar.  That sugar spikes your insulin levels, which increases blood sugar, which decreases insulin sensitivity, and makes you gain weight... fast.  Aside from protein shakes, liquid calories are the kryptonite of fat loss.  Pay attention to the calories you drink, read labels before you buy... and hydrate yourself the right way, with lots and lots of water.

2)  NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)


One of the most effective ways to increase your caloric expenditure is through NEAT... or the calories you burn OUTSIDE of your workouts.  Fat-loss is won or lost on NEAT.  Someone who has a strenuous job but only finds the time to work out 1-2 times/week is going to have a much easier time maintaining a healthy weight than the person who works out 5 days per week, yet sits at a desk job for 10 hours each day.  If that sounds like you, find ways to increase your NEAT daily.  Get a stand-up desk, take breaks every 30 minutes, take the long way walking to your car... it all adds up!

3)  Sleep


This one I can't stress enough.  We are consistently overworked and under-rested, and it directly impacts your waistline.  A lack of sleep (either 1 night or cumulative) wreaks havoc on your immune system, hormones (the ones that store fat and build muscle), and cravings.  Study after study show that a lack of sleep directly influences the calories you eat the next day... for the worse.  Of course this is easier said than done, but try to set yourself a consistent bedtime.  Make sure your bed is ONLY for sleeping in (no TV, or eating dinner), and please, spend the extra dough on a nice mattress and pillows... you spend roughly a third of your life there!

4) Plan Ahead

You've all heard the saying... "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  This couldn't be more true in fat-loss.  I'm going to break it to you nicely... losing fat takes effort.  I know it isn't ground-breaking information, but most people fail because they didn't give an ounce of thought to what they were going to eat.  The SIMPLEST way to do this is take a look at your week.  Circle any dinners and/or travel plans.  These are by far the things that sabotage your fat-loss.  If you are eating out for dinner, and you want to enjoy it, all you have to do is dial your portions back a little during the day, and make sure you get a little workout/activity in.  Scope out the menu beforehand and make your healthy meal choice (and stick to it!)... and voila!  You've now earned a few extra calories at dinner.  If you are travelling, bring some protein-rich snacks with you, and avoid temptation at the airport.

5)  Hydrate


The single most effective thing you can do today to feel better tomorrow, is hydrate yourself!  Virtually all of our body's functions, directly or indirectly, relies on water.  Carry a large water bottle with you wherever you go.  Drink it first thing in the morning.  Drink it with meals.  Drink it with protein shakes....Drink it even when you're NOT thirsty!  Drink water, lose weight - guaranteed.  It IS that simple.

6)  Shop Smart

We are lucky enough to live in an era where almost every food has a "healthier" version of it... but it can be tricky finding it.  If you identify something that you know is "bad" for you, make a little effort to look at the items around it on the shelf at the store... odds are it's there.  From low-calorie sauces/dressings, to low-carb tortillas.. all can be used to save calories.  There are tons of food swaps out there, you just have to look!  Also, make it a point to shop around the PERIMETER of the grocery store.  That is where you'll find the freshest, low-preservative foods.  And never shop hungry - don't rely on "willpower" to not eat the Oreo's in your cupboard... rely on not having them in the cupboard to begin with!

7)  Eat Your Veggies


No matter what "diet" you choose, virtually ALL of them are rich with veggies.  Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and fiber, will keep you full, and also improve gut health.  A little amount of veggies carries a lot of volume, indirectly helping you eat less of other, more calorically-dense foods.  Try to get in as much green leafy veggies as you can each day.  If you don't eat any, start small.  Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, Spinach or any mixed salad are all great places to start.  Experiment with them, find the way that YOU like to eat them, and do it!

8)  BLT's (Bites, Licks, and Tastes)

Most of us don't realize how much we snack throughout the day.  At the office, at home, our kid's food... a bite here and a bite there REALLY adds up.  Be aware of your BLT's... they can add a lot of calories but don't impact your hunger enough to influence the rest of your day.  Reduce your BLT's, and watch your waistline shrink!

9)  Alcohol


I love a great martini here and there, and you can too!  It's not so much the alcohol that makes you gain weight, it's everything that goes WITH drinking the alcohol.  Remember the BLT's?  Yeah, those go here.  Alcohol lowers your blood sugar, making you crave foods... these food cravings lead to poor and often late-night food binges, which leads to a lack of sleep, which leads to hungover... and finally you miss your workout the NEXT day because of it.  It's one giant snowball that's wrecking your progress.  If alcohol DOESN'T have any of those effects on you, great!  Just be aware of the calories in having multiple drinks.  Just 1 bottle of wine each week is worth about 10lbs of weight gain in a year, cocktails can contain loads of sugar, and there are a lot of beers that are certainly going to give you the extra poundage you don't want!

10)  Weight-Training


There are many forms of exercise out there, and I will rarely steer someone away from what they like to do, because, at least it's exercise.  But if you really want results... I mean REALLY want to improve your health, longevity, and remain pain-free throughout your life, you NEED resistance training.  And no, you don't have to become a "bodybuilder" to gain the benefits of resistance training.  You don't have to get fancy with it either - A simple program of 3 days/week can be very effective at improving your health.  Resistance training builds strong bones, increases muscle mass (which we lose as we age), improves hormone profiles and strengthens our immune system.  It reduces pain from overuse and wear-and-tear, released "feel-good" endorphins, and hey, you even start to look better naked, how 'bout that?!

What's Next?

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